Lawn Care Services in Melbourne : Your Guide to a Greener Tomorrow

Welcome to Handy Dandy Services, where we offer comprehensive lawn care solutions tailored to Melbourne's unique climate. From Buffalo to Zoysia, we have the expertise to make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.

Our Services

Professional Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing experts ensure your grass is cut to perfection, enhancing its health and appearance.

Irrigation Solutions

Our custom watering solutions are designed to provide your lawn with the hydration it needs, without wasting a drop.

Fertilisation Programs

We use a complete range of fertilisers to keep your lawn lush and green throughout the year.

Seasonal Lawn Care

From aeration to weeding, our seasonal services ensure your lawn stays healthy year-round.

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Live Local, Lawn Local

Handy Dandy Services is your trusted partner for all lawn, gardening, and handyman needs across Melbourne. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of services including from maintaining your lawns and garden, to giving a hand with your home improvements. Our skilled professionals ensure efficient solutions, making your home a haven of comfort and convenience.

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    Why Choose Handy Dandy ?

    Certified Lawn Care Experts

    Our team is trained in the latest lawn care techniques, ensuring you receive top-quality service.

    Ongoing Scheduling

    We offer convenient reliable schedules, that doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day.

    Custom Solutions

    We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your lawn, garden, and hip pocket.

    Sustainable Practices

    Our eco-friendly approach ensures your lawn is cared for in a way that benefits you and the planet.

    But What About the Mulch?

    Thinking about sprucing up your garden? Mulch does more than just look good—it keeps weeds at bay, retains moisture, and nourishes your plants.

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    How often should I mow my lawn?

    The frequency depends on the type of grass and the season. We offer expert advice tailored to your lawn’s needs.

    What types of grass do you specialise in?

    We have expertise in Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia, and Couch lawns.

    Do you offer contract lawn mowing?

    Yes, we offer both one-time and contract lawn mowing services.

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